Image shows white woman with short blonde hair smiling and wearing a black sweater with white sleeves and jeans in front of metal wall.

Casey Llewellyn

Impact Team Organizer

Casey Llewellyn is the Impact Team Organizer for Showing Up for Racial Justice where she organizes a team of SURJ ambassadors to raise the resources needed to organize increasing numbers of white people into the multiracial movements for justice. She is a queer white femme from a mixed owning- and middle- class background and was organized into social justice movements as a young person with wealth by Resource Generation. She has spent over ten years organizing donors, fundraising, and redistributing wealth to movements for liberation with The Hummingbird Collective, Circle for Justice Innovations (CJI), The Better Place Foundation, and Solidaire Network. In this work, she follows in the path of her mother and the queer and Southern community living in the unceded lands of the Massachusett people (Boston, MA) who raised her to create spaces of belonging and community in movement work for everyone, including white people and people with wealth and class privilege.

Casey is also a playwright and dramaturg working in theater and dance and works with individuals as a coach to align their lives with their values. With all her work, she seeks to create spaces of transformation and healing. Casey lives with her partner and cat in the unceded land of the Lenni Lenape peoples in Brooklyn, NY.

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