Caroline Picker

Board member

Caroline Picker (she/her) comes from Ashkenazi Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust and western European settlers who arrived in what is now the United States in the 1600s. As a white person with class privilege, she’s clear that none of us can truly live with safety and dignity unless all of us can, and our collective liberation requires building strong cross-class, multiracial movements led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and poor and working class people. She’s been active in racial justice, migrant justice, abolition, and queer liberation movements for many years and learned what organizing to win looks like from working alongside and learning from criminalized undocumented peoples’ movements in Arizona. She’s worked with SURJ chapters in Phoenix and Rhode Island and currently lives on Narragansett land (Providence, RI). When she’s not organizing, she can be found looking at bugs, building extensive domino runs, and imagining she’s on Jupiter with her four year old.

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