Image shows a white person with short blonde hair wearing a black baseball hat, black collared shirt and a patterned tie. The person is smiling and standing in front of a red wall.

Ash Trull

National Membership Organizer

Ash is a white, trans/non-binary, queer class straddler from a working class background, who currently lives in Rhode Island on Narragansett, Nipmuc, Pokanoket, and Wampanoag land. Ash has been been organizing with grassroots movements for justice for about 14 years now: originally getting politicized by learning about climate change and then expanding their work to international solidarity for land-based movements, racial justice, queer liberation, economic justice/new economies, police accountability, and most recently prison abolition. SURJ has been their primary organizing home since 2015 when they co-founded SURJ RI, and since then they’ve also organized as a member of SURJ Boston, coached SURJ chapters in New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island, and joined the staff in 2021. As a facilitator, trainer, and organizer it is their passion and purpose to create learning spaces that develop new leaders and build the base of white people joining BIPOC-led movements for justice and defecting from white supremacy. Outside of SURJ, Ash’s other passions include reading sci-fi, studying herbalism, farming, gluten-free cooking, dancing, and going on long-distance bike rides (preferably with their twin).

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