Anne Dunlap

Faith Organizing Coordinator

(she/her) Nurtured into faith-rooted organizing in the Central America solidarity movement in the 1980s, Anne is particularly grateful to the Central American, Black, immigrant, worker, and indigenous leaders who have challenged and taught her to think and act more deeply about what it means to be human, and what it means to be free. An ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, Anne also the founder of FierceRev Remedies, offering herbal consults, workshops, mentorship as well as consulting, teaching, and preaching, all towards the goal of racial justice and collective liberation that’s rooted in practice with the land. Anne is the co-editor and a contributor to the 2023 book, “Building Up a New World: Congregational Organizing for Transformative Impact.” Anne is proud to be from Arkansas; having lived in a lot of different places, she now lives in Western New York.

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