Image shows a white woman wearing a black tshirt that says "showing up for racial justice." She is outside, is smiling, and has short dark curly hair.

Anice Schervish Chenault

Board member

Anice Schervish Chenault (she/her) is a white/arab policy practice MSW who calls Louisville, KY her home. She is proud to be a second-generation activist and social worker and she is mom to an incredible black/white/arab non-binary elementary school kid. She is passionate about social justice, creating community and authentic relationship. Her commitment to justice is rooted in liberation theology and Catholic Social Justice teaching. She began anti-racist organizing with Call to Action, a Catholic Church reform movement and has been in collaborative leadership of her local SURJ chapter since 2017. She is currently excited about bringing the Free Listening movement to yoga and mindfullness festivals and is studying to become a Movement Chaplain (and trying to figure out what that means.)

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