Amanda Stahl

Photo of Amanda Stahl

Disability Access Co-Coordinator

I’m Amanda Stahl, a Disability and Queer Activist from Kentucky. I am the lead organizer and director of a non-profit organization called the Independence Seekers Project (ISP), organized and developed by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We focus on mental health education and activism. I have a Masters in Social Work and am in clinical practice through ISP. I understand the need for mental health care, social change, and healing justice. I believe that social change and social justice have to go along with healing and resilience. My work is rooted in the understanding that we must strive to realize how we are all interconnected in order to change our little piece of the world. I’m so excited to be working with Showing Up for Racial Justice. I have been working on racial justice issues throughout my career, including with this great organization and the Fairness Campaign of Kentucky. In my spare time, I love playing with my nieces and nephews and can often be found at one of the many great coffee shops in Louisville. This is a photo from my very short modeling career with a local fair trade, American made, clothing company based in Louisville, Kentucky called The New Blak. ☺

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