Julia Daniel

Julia Daniel ​(she/her) comes to anti-racist organizing seeing it as key to our collective liberation and the right thing to do. Most of her organizing experience is with young people fighting the schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline in Miami, and she

Anne Dunlap

(she/her) Nurtured into faith-rooted organizing in the Central America solidarity movement in the 1980s, Anne is particularly grateful to the Central American, Black, immigrant, worker, and indigenous leaders who have challenged and taught her to think and act more deeply

Image of a white genderqueer butch wearing a blue poffy jacket with yellow coat smiling.

Katy Medley

Katy Medley is an organizational strategist and nonprofit leader who helps to build powerful and sustainable social-change organizations. For over fifteen years, she’s helped a wide variety of nonprofits and collectives across the country to get organized, secure funding, build

Ash Trull

Ash is a white, trans/non-binary, queer class straddler from a working class background, who currently lives in Rhode Island on Narragansett, Nipmuc, Pokanoket, and Wampanoag land. Ash has been been organizing with grassroots movements for justice for about 14 years

Kelly Sue Waller

Kelly Sue Waller grew up in trailer parks across Tennessee and Georgia. When she was working low-wage jobs in Nashville, she found Worker’s Dignity, an organization that brings together workers to fight for workplace justice issues like unions and wage

Ava Bynum

Ava Bynum (they/them) is the Director of Impact at Showing Up for Racial Justice, where they organize the resources needed to build anti-racist multi-racial movements for justice. Ava has spent over a decade moving money to movements for racial, economic,

Photo shows a white woman with long wavy blonde hair, smiling.

Kelsey Washburn

Kelsey was born and raised in a working-class family in rural Kentucky. She has an educational background in clinical psychology and has worked in the mental health field as well as several roles in human resources. After working in the

Avery Martens

Avery Martens (they/them/theirs) is a community organizer and strategist who builds power with people and communities most vulnerable to structural violence, working toward collective liberation for all people and the planet. Born in Cleveland, Avery grew up poor/working class in

image shows a white woman with short blonde curly hair. She's wearing red lipstick and a green jacket.

Beth Howard

Beth Howard is the Appalachia People’s Union Director for Showing Up for Racial Justice, the largest national organization bringing white people into the fight for racial and economic justice in the country. She lives in Lexington, KY, but grew up

Celina Culver

Celina joined the SURJ team in April of 2022 as the Eastern KY organizer. Before SURJ, she learned how to organize as a staff organizer with her movement fam at Voice of Westmoreland and Pennsylvania United, a multi-racial, grassroots member-led

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