Carla F Wallace

Carla F Wallace (she/they) was born Louisville, Kentucky on Cherokee, Shawnee and Osage land. She grew up between a farm in Oldham County and in Amsterdam, Netherlands where her grandparents hid communists and others resisting the nazi occupation of Holland,

Caroline Picker

Caroline Picker (she/her) comes from Ashkenazi Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust and western European settlers who arrived in what is now the United States in the 1600s. As a white person with class privilege, she’s clear that none of us

Chanelle Gallant

Chanelle Gallant has been active in grassroots movements for sex workers rights and racial justice for 20 years as an organizer, movement strategist, trainer, fundraiser, writer and speaker. She is on the Leadership Team for Showing Up For Racial Justice

Corri Frohlich

Corri Frohlich (she/her) has engaged in social justice organizing for over fifteen years in areas related to prison abolition and decarceration efforts, anti-racism and fat and queer liberation. As a cisgender white queer woman, who does not come from a

Dahlia Ferlito

Dahlia Ferlito (they/them) is a white, queer, non-binary anti-racist organizer and co-founder of White People for Black Lives. They believe that white people are responsible for ending the white supremacist system. To do so, white people must: remain organized, challenge

Image shows a white woman smiling in a black tank top, next to her white dog

Jes Kelley

Jes Kelley (she/her) is currently the programming director at Resource Generation. Jes has been shaped by many movements and experiences including getting to be a trainer with Dismantling Racism Works for eight years. She is a white Southerner with a

Kari Points

Kari Points (she) is a white dyke who grew up working class in rural Southern Indiana as a ward of the state and adoptee. She is an anti-racist facilitator and political educator based in Durham, North Carolina. For 30 years,

Leah Jo Carnine

Leah Jo Carnine (she/her) is a community organizer and family medicine healthcare provider who recently moved to her hometown of Eugene after being part of migrant and racial justice organizing in the Southwest for over a decade. As a white,

Mikaela Curry

Mikaela Curry (she/her) is a community organizer, environmental scientist and poet who believes that art and narratives are critical to anti-racist organizing. She grew up in rural North Carolina, and carries a lot of complexity around her mixed class identity,

Min. Blyth Barnow

Blyth Barnow is a minister, harm reductionist, writer, and community organizer. She was raised working class and has found community as a fat, queer, femme, with a chronic illness. She is the founder of Femminary, an online ministry offering spiritual

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