A home for white people working for justice

When we fight racism, we all win.
We want you on our team.

Current Campaigns

Stop Rising Authoritarianism

SURJ organizes millions of white folks across the country- and we have a three year plan to make sure white people show up to stop authoritarianism in 2024 and work for justice beyond by building bases of working people across the South.

Monthly Racial Justice Action Hours

Ready to get off the sidelines and into action to support campaigns to close detention centers and jails, push for police accountability, pass progressive legislation and more? Join us.

Fight for Kentucky in 2023

In 2023, we’re campaigning to re-elect Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear in KY. From vetoing anti-trans legislation to providing COVID relief money across the state, he plays a key role in helping  hold back the tide of an ultraconservative GOP-controlled legislature.

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