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Current Campaigns

We must mobilize to defend Rep. Jamaal Bowman against baseless attacks aimed to undermine his commitment to racial justice and progressive politics. Join us in standing in solidarity with a candidate who champions transformative policies for the people of NY’s 16th Congressional District!

Whether you’re new to SURJ or have been with us before, we’re glad you’re here! We’re the largest organization in North America that explicitly organizes white communities for racial and economic justice. Sign up to hear about what SURJ does, why we do it, how we’ll win, and how you can join our team!

Join SURJ as a Squad Defender to actively protect and support progressive leaders like Rep. Jamaal Bowman against targeted attacks. As a Squad Defender, you’ll be part of a dedicated network committed to amplifying the voices of those fighting for racial justice and equity. Stand in solidarity with marginalized communities and help defend the champions of transformative change by signing up today!

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